​​ Portrait of Heather


I started volunteering as a photographer at the Brampton animal shelter because I wanted to find a way to give back to the community. Animals of all kinds have been a huge part of my life, I photograph them hoping to give them and their owners the same happiness I’ve experienced in my life.

I began photographing at the Brampton Animal Shelter in the Summer of 2015. My first experience was amazing, the staff and animals are so friendly and welcoming. My very first subject was a tabby cat named Timmy, he was camera shy at first but was soon striking poses for me. My favourite place at the shelter is the kitten room, the kittens are spontaneous and speedy which makes them a challenge to photograph.

I would recommend this position for anyone who has a passion for photography and animals, it’s such a rewarding experience.​

​​ Portrait of Barb


Barb is one of our most dedicated volunteers, coming in to socialize our cats almost every day. Barb definitely feels like part of the team here are Brampton Animal Services, helping out on a daily basis and coming out to lend a hand for all of our events.

Barb is an amazing friend to our staff and cats, often having that special touch to get a shy kitten to come out of their shell so they can be adopted to a loving home. Barb has even come out to keep our staff company at the Farmer’s Market and help promote the shelter. Everyone here is so appreciative of Barb and her love and dedication to the shelter and our kitties.

Please join us in giving Barb a HUGE Paws Up for all that she has done, and continues to do, every day. Thank you Barb!

​​ Portrait of Jennifer


Jennifer is one of our volunteers with a special knack for rabbits! Jennifer comes in and loves to sit with our bunnies and give them the love and affection they deserve. The bunnies definitely jump for joy when Jennifer comes to visit!

​​ Portrait of Cheryl


Cheryl is one of our beloved foster moms! Litter after litter, Cheryl has constantly displayed her love and dedication to any and all of the foster kittens and mom cats we send her way.

Whenever Cheryl has new foster babies, we receive daily emails and pictures of them playing and thriving! It is because of the hard work of our Foster moms, like Cheryl, that we can have such a high success rate in our shelter.

​​ Portrait of Jaycee


Jaycee is one of our volunteers who comes in almost every day. He loves walking our dogs and socializing the cats and always greets the staff with a smile. Jaycee has a talent for forming a special bond with our adoption dogs, and his love for them is evident when you see him walking down the street with a tail-wagging, smiley dog!​​