​​​​​​​You can keep up to two pigeons in a backyard coop by completing an application.​

​​Application Form​​​​​

If you wish to keep more than two hens, you must obtain a licence from the City Clerks Office by submitting an application​ or by visiting the City of Brampton Online services for Business Licensing.​

Pigeon coop regulations​

Pigeon coops must be:

  • 2 metres away from rear or side yard lot lines
  • In compliance with the Brampton Zoning By-law

 Keep your birds safe


Follow these tips to protect your backyard chickens from the bird flu:

  • prevent contact with wild birds and other animals
  • frequently clean poultry coops, waterers, feeders, your clothing and your boots
  • spot the signs of Avian Influenza and report early to a veterinarian or the  Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • limit exposure to visitors
  • separate birds, their water and food from wild birds

Learn more on the CFIA's website​

 Avian Influenza (bird flu)


Avian Influenza, commonly known as the bird flu, is a viral infection that spreads easily and quickly among birds. This virus can affect several species of food-producing birds (chickens, turkeys, quails, guinea fowl, etc.), as well as pet and wild birds.

Signs and symptoms

Infected birds may show one or more of the following signs:

  • lack of energy, movement or appetite
  • decreased egg production
  • swelling around the head, neck and eyes
  • coughing, gasping for air or sneezing
  • nervous signs, tremors or lack of coordination
  • diarrhea
  • sudden death