​​​​​​​​​​​The Emergency Management Office is divided into three main portfolios, Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Emergency Public Education.

Emergency Management

This portofolio includes the development of emergency and evacuation plans, the implementation of these plans and programs, liaison and partnerships with emergency response and support agencies within the Region of Peel, training of staff members and partners, testing of plans and response capacity and actual response to and recovery from emergencies as they occur.

Business Continuity

This portfolio includes evaluation of risks faced by the corporation of the City of Brampton, the development of continuity and contingency plans to ensure services are provided to citizens even during disruptions, management of crisis as they occur, crisis communications planning and implementation, disaster recovery and business resumption after an emergency based on developed plans, employee training and testing of plans.

Emergency Public Education

This portfolio includes public awareness initiatives such as the maintenance of the Emergency Management web site, distribution of the Emergency Preparedness Guide, response to the beminfo e-mail, and implementation of the annual Emergency Preparedness Week programs. Public education initiatives include school programs, library programs, and presentations to clubs and associations on various topics related to personal preparedness and planning for specific emergencies. Community involvement is also part of public education and includes the CERV program as well as liaison with support groups such as the Red Cross and the Amateur Radio.​


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