Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

Know the Risks. Make a Plan. Prepare a Kit

Emergencies can strike any time and any place without warning. During these times, emergency responders will need to assist those residents in urgent need first. This means that it is important to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for at least 72 hours during a major emergency.

Know the Risks in Your Community

It is important for residents to know about the hazards and risks that could occur within the City of Brampton. Those hazards most likely to occur are:

Types of Risks


  • Severe winter storms: freezing rain, heavy snowfall, heavy winds
  • Severe summer storms: heavy rain, floods, tornadoes, lightning, strong winds, hails
  • Extreme heat and cold
  • Public health emergencies: epidemic and human diseases


  • Human error, civil disorder, terrorism


  • Transportation accidents involving hazardous materials, air or rail crashes, toxic or flammable gas leaks, electrical power blackouts, building or structural collapses

Make a Plan

It is important to ensure that the entire family is prepared and informed in the event of an emergency or disaster. You may not always be together when these events take place and should have plans for making sure you are able to contact and find one another.

What Your Plan Should Include:

Home Escape Plan

  • Draw a floor plan of your home and identify all rooms on each floor
  • Plan at least two escape routes from each room where possible (doors, windows and stairways)
  • Have a predetermined meeting place outside of your neighbourhood where your family will reconnect if you are separated
  • The location of your emergency kit(s)
  • Go over the plan with everyone in your home and practice at least once a year so every member of your family knows what to do.

Emergency Communications Plan

  • Choose an out-of-town contact far enough away that your family or household will call or email to check in with should an emergency occur
  • Make a list of your designated contact’s telephone numbers (home, work, cell) and email addresses for everyone in the family or household
  • Keep these numbers with your emergency kit and program them into your cell phone for quick access
  • Limit telephone use and conversations short during an emergency to help free up lines for those that need help

Prepare an Emergency Kit

In an emergency you may be asked to evacuate your home or you may be restricted to your home for an extended period of time. In these circumstances, you will need an ​emergency preparedness kit with adequate supplies to keep you and your family self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You may have some of the items already. The key is to keep it in a backpack or suitcase with wheels in an easy to reach, accessible location such as your front hall closet.​

Contact Brampton Emergency Management Office

Corporation of the City of Brampton
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2