​​​​​​​What is an Accessible Parking Permit?

An Accessible Parking Permit is a card that may be displayed on the dashboard or turned-down sun visor of any vehicle in which a person with a disability is traveling. The permit is issued to the person with a disability, not a specific vehicle. The permit entitles the vehicle in which the person named on the permit is traveling in to park in designated disabled parking, standing and stopping areas. See sample permit image below:


Who Issues Accessible Parking Permits?

Accessible Parking Permits are issued free of charge to qualified individuals. The City of Brampton does not issue these permits, the Province of Ontario assumes this responsibility. For more information please visit Service Ontario.

Where can an Accessible Parking Permit be used?

Residents or visitors with Accessible Parking Permits are allowed to park in specially designated parking spaces. These spaces may be located on-street or in parking lots and parking garages. Accessible parking includes a parking space and an access aisle on one side of the space to allow more room to get in and out of the vehicle. Accessible parking spots are usually located closer to buildings and are readily accessible with ramps and depressed curbs.

The City of Brampton requires every owner/operator of a public parking area to provide designated parking spaces for people with accessible parking permits. The total number of parking spaces in the lot determines the number of accessible parking spaces required. Traffic By-Law 93-93 requires that accessible parking spots be marked with proper signage and pavement markings. These accessible parking signs are easy to recognize because they include the International Symbol for accessibility (see sample to the left). The City of Brampton also requires additional signage to be posted at designated parking spaces. The second sign states the Maximum Fine of $5,000.00 and the Enforcement phone number 905.458.3424.

Vehicles that display an accessible parking permit are also afforded some additional privileges. With a valid and properly displayed Accessible Parking Permit, vehicles can park in a metered on-street parking space and do not have to pay for parking during regular hours. This does not apply when specific restrictions are posted such as no parking during rush hour and for overnight parking.

Vehicles with drivers or passengers who have a valid accessible parking permit clearly displayed may also park on the street:

  • between 2 am - 6 am , for a maximum of three hours;
  • with the driver side tires against the curb (facing oncoming traffic); and
  • in “no parking” zones however are NOT permitted to park in other prohibited areas (e.g. fire routes, no stopping zones, boulevards etc.).

Accessible Parking Violations

Significant fines may also be issued for misuse of an Accessible Parking Permit by someone other than the person who the permit is issued to and for using the permit without the permit holder being present.

Parking violations for accessible parking that may result in a fine include:

  • parking in an accessible parking space without a properly displayed permit (including expiry date);
  • parking in a designated parking spot without a valid Accessible Parking Permit;
  • parking on or over any portion of the access aisle; and
  • in prohibited parking areas even with a valid Accessible Parking Permit