​​​We know service information is important to you; especially in real-time, when you want it. Learn more about how to get real-time bus information, how to stay in-the-know, and how easy it is to plan a trip on our system!

Next Ride provides real-time next bus information – all you need is your four-digit stop number. There are many ways to know when your next bus is coming! Use your smartphone to visit nextride.brampton.ca.

Learn more about Next Ride.

Social Media
We use social media to communicate to riders about Service Announcements (service updates, detours, and delays), events, promotions, and community outreach events.
One of the many ways we can improve on our services is to hear from you. Let us know how we’re doing and where we can improve – send us an email anytime at transit@brampton.ca or let us know through Twitter and Facebook!

Learn more about our social media channels and Community Guidelines.

Planning your Trip
Trip planning websites and apps can help you make the most out of your time. Plan your trip using Triplinx or Google Transit. You can plan your routes and calculate how long your trip will take with these easy websites:

To use Triplinx in a web browser, click ​here.
Triplinx app for iOS, click ​here.
Triplinx app for Android, click here.

​To use Google Transit in a web browser, click here.
Google Transit app for iOS, click here.
Google Transit app for Android, click here.

Read & Ride
We print a customer brochure 6-8 times a year outlining u​pcoming Service Improvements. It’s available on buses, at our terminals and our facilities. Stay up-to-date on Service Improvements through our website, Twitter and Facebook!