​Effective Monday April 29​, Brampton Transit will implement service changes to ensure its transit system continues to move people around the city safely and effectively.

For schedule information visit triplinx.ca

501C Züm Queen  

  • Weekday AM/PM peak frequency for both eastbound and westbound adjusted to 15 minutes  ​

502 Züm Main 

  • Saturday day frequency adjusted to 12 minutes 

3/3A McLaughlin 

  • Weekday midday frequency adjusted to 15 minutes 

4/4A Chingu​​​acousy 

  • Additional northbound Weekday evening trips added departing Brampton Gateway Terminal at 8:33pm and 10:17pm 
  • Saturday frequency adjusted to:  
    • Day: ​20 minutes 
    • Evening: frequency of 15 minutes extended to 7pm  
  • Sunday service now starting at 6:00am  ​

6 James Potter 

  • Weekday frequency adjusted to:  
    • AM/PM pea​k: 27 minutes 
    • Midday: 30 minutes 
    • Evening frequency of 45 minutes extended to 12:00am 
  • Saturday trip added at 6:45am departing from Mount Pleasant GO Station ​

7/7A Kennedy 

  • Additional southbound trips added for Weekday AM service, departing Heart Lake Terminal at 9:26am, 9:39am, 10:17am 
  • Additional northbound trips added for Weekday PM service, departing Kennedy & Derry at 1:22pm, 1:33pm, 2:18pm 
  • Saturday earlier trip added at 4:50am 
  • Saturday day frequency adjusted to 15 minutes ​

​9 Vodden 

  • Weekday evening frequency of 60 minutes extended to 10:00pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday day frequency adjusted to 60 minutes 

14 Torbram 

  • Saturday day/evening frequency adjusted to 27 minutes 

15 Bramalea 

  • Saturday day/evening frequency adjusted to 22 minutes 

18 Dixie 

  • Weekday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability  
  • Saturday early day frequency adjusted to 20 minutes

route 18 table.PNG

29 Williams 

  • Saturday and Sunday service adjusted to start at 6:00am 
  • Saturday and Sunday evening service frequency of 35 minutes extended to 12:00am 

30 Airport Road 

  • Saturday day/evening frequency adjusted to 23 minutes 

NEW BT On Demand Service Replacing 40 Central Industrial

  • BT On Demand service operated by Brampton Transit buses and Operators to replace route 40 Central Industrial
  • Monday to Friday service between 6:00am to 6:00pm, excluding holidays. Learn more at brampton.ca/ BTOnDemand 


NEW 41 Bolton   

  • Service launch on Wednesday May 1, 2024 – The existing Bolton route operated by the Town of Caledon will now be operated by Brampton Transit  
  • Brampton Transit route 41 Bolton will operate on Weekdays only along Highway 50 between Queen Street/ Highway 7 in Brampton to Columbia Way/ Bolton Heights in Caledon. The route will also service the employment lands along Coleraine Drive 
  • AM/PM peak service only, with frequency of 110 minutes   

bolton inset.PNG

50 Gore Road 

  • Route realigned in the south end via Westmore Drive and Carrier Drive to service the Sikh Spiritual Centre Toronto 
  • No change to 50A routing 

60 Mississauga Road 

  • Weekday evening service frequency of 35 minutes extended to 10:30pm  

199 UTM Express

  • Starting April 5, service is suspended for Spring and Summer