Duress Event Stations

The safety of our employees and customers is always a top priority. Brampton Transit and the City of Brampton Corporate Security have introduced Duress Event Stations at various Züm Station Stops. These communication buttons can be pressed in an emergency to engage in two-way communication with the City’s corporate security staff.

Duress Event Stations are installed at Brampton Gateway Terminal, Bramalea Terminal and most Züm Station Stops.​

Bus Operator Safety Shields​

​The safety of our employees and customers is a top priority. ​​​On June 27, 2018, Brampton City Council unanimously approved recommendations to move forward with the installation of “slider” style Operator safety shields on the existing fleet and all new buses purchased moving forward. Although no shield will prevent all assaults from occurring, the slider shield will:

  • Restrict intentional or unintentional access by customers to the Operator's area;
  • Reduce the severity of, and where possible, prevent certain types of assaults from occurring in the first place;
  • Provide enhanced protection and flexibility for Operators, and improved safety for customers; and,
  • Allow for the continued delivery of high-quality customer service that our customers are used to receiving.