When pets go missing, a licence is the best way to help get them home safely. All dogs and cats in Brampton are required to be licensed with the City each calendar year.

The BluePaw program offers special discounts to Brampton residents who license their pets. Our BluePaw business members understand the importance of licensing and want to help us thank these responsible pet owners.

If you become a BluePaw business member, here’s what happens:

  • You (in conjunction with Brampton Animal Services) determine a promotion/discount that you would like to offer licensed pet owners.
  • We provide you with a promotional package that includes posters, a window cling for your front door or window and a tent card to display at your front desk. Your business name, logo and website is included in the list of participants on the City’s website.
  • When a pet owner licenses their dog or cat with the City, they receive a tag showing they are part of the program.
  • When shopping at your business, the pet owner shows their tag to receive the promotion.

Interested in participating? Please contact us at animal.services@brampton.ca or 905.458.5800.

See our list of participating businesses.
Read the full business contract here.