​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With a bike rack on every bus, it's never been easier to move around the city.​

​Bike and Ride Tips​

  • Remove any loose items that are not permanently attached to your bicycle (e.g., water bottles or travel bags).
  • If there are no other bicycles on the rack, use the space closest to the bus.
  • Do not lock your bicycle to ​the rack. The rack arm is designed to keep your bicycle secure while the bus is in transit.
  • Allow passengers to unloa​d their bicycles before loading yours.
  • Sit or stand near the front of the bus when your bicycle is on the rack. Tricycles, motorized bicycles, and bicycles with child carriers or trailers are not allowed on the bike rack.

Watch the instructional video.

Loading Your Bicycle

  • Once the bus comes to a complete stop, signal to the Bus Operator that you are going to be using the bike rack. Wait for the Bus Operator to signal back before you start loading your bicycle.
  • Always load and unload your bicycle from the curbside or front of the bus. Do not use locks or chains to attach your bike to the rack.
  • Pull the marked handle up to release and lower the rack.
  • Load your bicycle, placing the front and rear wheels in the appropriate wheel slots. (A label will indicate where to place the front wheel.)
  • After the bike is in position, pull the support arm out and place it over the front tire.

Unloading Your Bicycle

  • Once you a​rrive at your destination, inform the Bus Operator that you will be unloading your bicycle.
  • Approach the bike rack from the curbside. Raise the support arm off of the front tire and move it down to its loading position.
  • Lift your bicycle from the rack towards the curb. If the rack is empty, fold up the rack until it locks into place.
  • Carry your bicycle off the roadway to the sidewalk. Never cross in front of the bus. Signal to the Bus Operator that you are clear of the bus and wait until it is safe to move.

E-bikes, E-scooters and Mopeds

Motorized bicycles (e-bikes), motorized scooters, mopeds, bicycles with child ca​rr​iers or trailers are not permitted on the bike r​ack or inside the bus. Only non-motorized bicycles are permitted on the bike rack and mobility aid devices are permitted inside the bus.​

Bike Shelters​​​

​Lock your bike at one of the bike shelter locations below, then hop on Brampton Transit or Züm.

Stay safe on the road. Click here for additional information on bicycle safety.

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For more information visit www.metrolinx.com.​​