Stationary Business Licences

The City is currently processing Stationary Business Licence applications and renewals online. Please see below link for application package and requirements. Please contact our office for any inquiries.

Stationary Business Licences Requirements

Short-term Rental Licences

The City's first Short-term Rental Licensing By-Law is being implemented on September 30, 2021.

The term “Short-Term Rental” or “Short-Term Accommodation” is typically described as all or part of a dwelling unit used to provide sleeping accommodations for any rental period that is less than 30 consecutive days in exchange for payment, and does not include bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels.

In order to obtain a short-term rental licence, applicants must meet the requirements of the by-law, and are required to complete the application form. The City will be accepting applications starting August 16, 2021.

Find out more information on short-term rental licensing or contact

Adult Entertainment Establishment Licences

The City is currently processing Adult Entertainment Establishment Licence applications and renewals in person at City Hall. Please contact our office via email for any inquiries. ​ Please see review the applications and requirements. Licences will be issued and renewed by appointment or in person during business hours.

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Driveway Paving Contractor Licence Requirements

New requirements are now in effect for driveway paving contractors based on a recently amended by-law. These new requirements must be completed before applying for a new licence or renewing an existing licence. For more information and to access the required training course, please visit the Driveway Paving page. Please contact for more information.


In April 2021, the City announced that it was strengthening rules for contractors. This also applies to individuals and companies performing roof-related repairs and installations on properties in Brampton. Roofers must be licensed by the City of Brampton before undertaking any work in the city. For many categories of business licensing, the online application process is simple and fast. Roofers are encouraged to look up the application requirements and reach out to the City for any questions.


Applications for stationary business licences are received and processed by an Administration Clerk in the Licensing Administration Office in the City Clerk's Office, on the first floor of City Hall.

The City of Brampton licenses more than thirty types of stationary businesses. In the link to Stationary Business Licences Requirements below, you will find fees and renewal information.

The City of Brampton publishes a list of City-licensed contractors on its website. The published list is for general public awareness and will make it easier for residents to ensure they are using a City-licensed contractor. The licensed contractor information posted online will include the corporate/operating business name and business address as provided on the license application.

Depending on the type of licence, approvals from other departments and agencies may be required. You will find that type of information in Bi​zPaL. The same list suggests search terms to help you find the BizPal categories with more information related to your licence application.

New Applicants - The first step is to submit your completed application to the Zoning Section of the Planning, Design and Development Department for review and approval. Zoning approval normally takes 5 business days.

All Applicants - You must provide proof of insurance in the form required.

License fees are payable when the completed application is submitted to the City Clerk's Office, along with all required forms and approvals. The fees are not pro-rated.

By-law 114-2017 refers to Adult Entertainment Business, Body-Rub Business, and Adult Merchandise Business only.

All other Stationary Business Licences are included in by-law 332-2013.

Stationary Business Licences Requirements


Applications for stationary business licenses are issued by an Administrative Clerk in the Licensing Administration Office in the City Clerk's Office on the first floor of Brampton City Hall.

The Licensing Enforcement team of the City of Brampton's Enforcement and By-Law Services Division provides a layer of protection for consumers by regulating and monitoring business operators to ensure that stationary businesses operating in Brampton meet all standards of governing by-laws.

Following the issuance of the license, the Licensing Enforcement team begins monitoring businesses, enforcing the City's by-laws and taking action relating to citizen queries and issues.

In addition to regulating licensed businesses, the Licensing Enforcement team patrols the City to identify unlicensed operators. Holding a valid Brampton stationary business license is imperative to ensure businesses accord with by-law standards. Without a license, there are no regulations or assurance of adherence to standards.


Queries and concerns can be submitted in person, by telephone, by regular mail or by email, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Every effort will be made to respond on the next business day to emails received after regular business hours.

Stationary business license queries can be submitted at City Hall and enforcement concerns can be submitted at the Enforcement and By-Law Services Division.

Contact By-law Enforcement

Flower City Community Campus
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Hours of Operation:
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  • Dial 3-1-1 (within City limits)
  • 905.874.2000 (outside City limits)
  • 905.874.2130 (Teletypewriter or Text Telephone)

Emails received after business hours will be responded to the next business day.

Contact the City Clerk's Office

Brampton City Hall
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