​​​​​​​Telephone calls to Service Brampton

Telephone calls made to Service Brampton (311 or 905-874-2000) are recorded. The recordings are retained for one year.

A recording of a person’s voice is personal information. The content of a recorded telephone call may also contain personal information. To ensure privacy is appropriately protected, recordings of telephone calls are only disclosed to the person whose voice is recorded (recordings are not disclosed to third parties). An access to information request is required and the person making the request must prove their identity.

Security Video

To protect City assets, employees and the public, electronic video surveillance (also known as CCTV or closed circuit television) is used at City properties, at Zum bus stops and on City buses. Surveillance video is recorded, but retained for a relatively short period:

  • Video recordings from City facilities and Zum bus stops are retained for 31 days.
  • Video recordings from City buses are retained for 72 hours.

In the event of an incident or concern, video can be preserved for investigation and prosecution purposes. If video is not preserved, it is automatically and permanently destroyed at the end of the retention period. If you have been involved in an incident and would like to have video preserved, please contact securityservices@brampton.ca with details.

Surveillance video often includes personal information. To ensure privacy is appropriately protected, CCTV records are only disclosed in response to an access to information request. Prior to filing a request, you should know the following:

  • When making your request, you must be as specific as possible in describing the video records you are seeking. At a minimum, please provide the time, date and location where the video was recorded. The more details you are able to provide, the more likely that the video you are seeking can be located.
  • The City must balance your right to access City records, with the privacy rights of affected individuals. In practical terms, this means that license plate numbers and the faces of identifiable individuals will be obscured (blurred or pixelated) prior to disclosure of the video records.
  • The Act specifies processing fees which apply to access to information requests. You can limit fees by limiting the timeframe of the video you request. For bus video, you can also limit fees by limiting the number of camera angles you request.

Traffic Cameras

The City operates CCTV cameras at certain traffic signals to monitor traffic flow along major transportation corridors and to determine if traffic signal timing changes need to be made due to unexpected congestion, collisions or construction. The cameras are live monitored based on operational requirements. The video is not recorded.

Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras in the City of Brampton are operated by the Region of Peel. The purpose of these cameras is to photograph any vehicle that doesn’t stop at a red light. The photographs are used to issue fines to the registered vehicle owner. For information on red light cameras, please contact the Region of Peel directly at www.peelregion.ca or at 905-791-7800.