​Performance is defined as the buses being where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. It is not about speed, but rather predictability. These improvements help you know when the next bus is coming.


Brampton Transit has GPS on all buses. The buses are tracked, so when you use Next Ride or Next Ride Mobile (nextride.brampton.ca on your smartphone!), you can find out in real time when the next bus will be at your stop. This information is also displayed at terminals and Züm station stops.

Learn more about GPS on all buses.

Transit Signal Priority​

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology is equipped on buses. It helps a bus to lengthen a green signal – or shorten a red signal – at certain intersections, allowing for enhanced schedule reliability. This helps our buses stay on schedule, and helps you plan your travel.

​Learn more about Transit Signal Priority.