Subdivision Construction UnderwayThe Development Con​struction​ section within the Public Works and Engineering Department provides construction supervision for all new subdivisions. This section ensures that construction is performed according to the approved drawings and to the City’s and the Province’s standards. Inspection includes the review of roads, sidewalk, storm sewers, lot grading, noise walls and privacy fences.

Construction and maintenance of the sanitary sewers, watermains and fire hydrants are the responsibility of the Region of Peel.

Development Construction will:
  • Ensure underground and above ground works are constructed in accordance to the agreements and approved drawings.
  • Review and process requests for letters of credit reduction. Letters of Credit are reduced as works are completed.
  • Ensure sediment controls are in place for all new subdivisions. As part of this process, our group will review and issue Topsoil Removal and/or Fill Permits for all new subdivisions prior to construction of underground services.
  • Liaise with the Consultant Engineers to ensure the Developer completes all civil works.
  • Recommend the assumption of the new subdivision to Council when all of the Developer’s obligations are complete.

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