​​​​​​​​​(Posted on November 1, 2018)


Section 7. c) i) and ii) of The City of Brampton’s Parkland Dedication By-law (283-2013) provides the option to the City of Brampton to defer parkland dedication collection on plans of subdivision and consent applications, to building permit issuance. In effect, this only applies to applications where no parkland is being conveyed and parkland dedication requirements are being satisfied exclusively through the payment of CIL.

Beginning in late 2017, staff commenced discussions with members of the building and development industry (as represented by BILD) who had identified concerns for the methodology being used to calculate CIL, under these circumstances.

Amended Methodology

In order to address the concerns identified, the City of Brampton has reviewed its process and has implemented a number of improvements, effective immediately.

​The new methodology results in:

  • A requirement that Applicants prepare an Appraisal, in support of CIL calculations
  • Minor changes to Home Buyer’s Information Maps, in support of CIL calculations
  • ​That the Appraisal and CIL valuation process be validated, prior to registration of the plan
  • That the resulting CIL requirements per lot, will held for a calendar year, and indexed thereafter

Details of the new process are outlined in the following document:

Standard Operating Procedure​ (SOP) For the Calculation & Collection of Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland @ Building Permit Issuance for Plans of Subdivision ​​

NOTE: The above process DOES NOT affect how CIL-payable is calculated on non- subdivision, or stand-alone (i.e. site plan) development applications. CIL requirements for these forms of development will continue to be calculated with the benefit of a site – specific appraisal in accordance with the provisions of the by-law.

For More Information:

The Realty Services Section (Community Services Department) will be responsible for the CIL calculation process for all applications impacted by this process. Realty Services can be contacted at (905) 874-2131 or by e-mail at CIL@brampton.ca

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