​​​​When undertaking streetscape and park development projects within Brampton, contractors and developers are required to adhere to City of Brampton standard drawings.

Engineering Standards, including those for roads and right of ways, can be found here​. ​
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Park Construction Standards.zipPark Construction StandardsALL Park Construction Standards ZIP File
Parks Map and Index.pdfParks Map and Index
Sustainability Summary TOR.pdfSustainability Summary TORSustainability Summary Terms of Reference
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L000.pdfL000Drawing List
L010.pdfL010Standard Subdivision Notes
collapse Category : Series 100 - Site Preparation ‎(1)
L110.pdfL110Temporary Tree Protection Fencing
collapse Category : Series 200 - Siteworks ‎(15)
L210.pdfL210Armourstone Retaining Wall (Cross Section)
L212.pdfL212Irrigated Median Bed (Cross Section)
L220.pdfL220Irrigation-Park Water Service
L221.pdfL221Irrigation-Backflow Prevention Device
L222.pdfL222Irrigation-Drip Control Zone
L223.pdfL223Irrigation-WVC Controller
L224.pdfL224Irrigation-Drip Zone Layout (End Feed)
L225.pdfL225Irrigation-Drip Zone Layout (Centre Feed)
L226.pdfL226Irrigation-Drip Zone Layout (Irregular Shape)
L227.pdfL227Irrigation-Dripline Subgrade Installation
L290a.pdfL290aFootbridge (Plan)
L290b.pdfL290bFootbridge Front Elevation (Primary Location)
L290c.pdfL290cFootbridge Front Elevation (Secondary Location)
L290d.pdfL290dFootbridge Front Elevation (Tertiary Location)
L290e.pdfL290ePrecast Decorative Column
collapse Category : Series 300 - Play Areas ‎(7)
L300.pdfL300Play Areas Accessible Ramp
L310.pdfL310Play Areas (Generic) Typical Setbacks and Safety Zones
L311.pdfL311Play Area (Hutcheson Sand) Concrete Curb (Section)
L312.pdfL312Play Area (Engineered Wood Surface) Concrete Curb (Section)
L313.pdfL313Play Areas (Rolled Sod Edge)
L320.pdfL320Multi-Purpose Court Layout Template
L321.pdfL321Tri-Purpose Court Layout Template
collapse Category : Series 400 - Sports Facilities ‎(28)
L415.pdfL415Baseball/Softball Dugout Plan
L416.pdfL416Baseball/Softball Dugout Elevations
L417.pdfL417Baseball/Softball Outfield and Line Fence
L420.pdfL420Senior Softball with Line Fencing (Field Layout)
L421.pdfL421Senior Softball without Line Fencing (Field Layout)
L422.pdfL422Senior Softball Backstop (Infield & Backstop Layout)
L423.pdfL423Senior Softball Backstop (Front Elevation)
L425.pdfL425Baseball Field Layout
L426.pdfL426Baseball Backstop (Infield & Backstop Layout)
L427.pdfL427Baseball Backstop (Front Elevation)
L428.pdfL428Base Field Lighting Layout
L440.pdfL440T-Ball Field Layout
L441.pdfL441T-Ball Field Backstop
L450.pdfL450Senior Soccer Field and Lighting (Layout)
L451.pdfL451Junior Soccer Field (Layout)
L452.pdfL452Mini Soccer Field (Layout)
L460.pdfL460Bocce Courts (Layout & Lighting)
L470.pdfL470Cricket Field (Layout)
L471.pdfL471Cricket Field (Details)
L472.pdfL472Double Senior Soccer Field with Cricket Pitch (Layout)
L473.pdfL473Cricket Batting Cage
L480.pdfL480Tennis Courts (2 Court Layout & Lighting)
L482.pdfL482Tennis Courts (4 Court Layout & Lighting)
L484.pdfL484Tennis Court Fence and Gate (Elevation)
L485.pdfL485Tennis Court Net Post and Surface (Section)
L490.pdfL490Canadian Football Field Layout
L491.pdfL491Lacrosse Field Layout
L492.pdfL492Kabaddi Pitch
collapse Category : Series 500 - Paving ‎(6)
L510.pdfL510Pathway Culvert (Plan & Section)
L511.pdfL511Typical Asphalt Pathway (3.0 M Wide)
L514a.pdfL514aWoodchip Pathway (1.8 M Wide)
L514b.pdfL514bLimestone Screening Pathway (3.0 M Wide)
L518.pdfL518Precast Concrete Unit Paving for Pathways (Light Duty)
L519.pdfL519Porous Flexible Paving
collapse Category : Series 700 - Eco-Restoration and Naturalization ‎(5)
L710.pdfL710Naturalized Landscape Concept (Section 'A'-Two Valley Banks)
L711.pdfL711Naturalized Landscape Concept (Section 'B'-One Valley Bank)
L717.pdfL717Walkway in Valley Land (Optimal Setback Requirements)
L724.pdfL724Woodlot Edge Management
L725.pdfL725Woodlot Protective Measures
collapse Category : Series 800 - Site Amenities ‎(55)
L800.pdfL800Shade Structure, Structure Proportions
L801.pdfL801Shade Structure Prototype 'A'
L802.pdfL802Shade Structure Prototype 'A' with Concrete Column Bases
L803.pdfL803Shade Structure Prototype 'A' with Metal Railings
L809.pdfL809Park Development Sign (Parks, SWM Ponds, Valleylands)
L810.pdfL810Park Property ID Sign (Parks, SWM Ponds, Valleylands)
L811a.pdfL811aGx-4 Internal Guide - Post & Panel
L811b.pdfL811bGx-4 Internal Guide - Post & Panel
L812a.pdfL812aIx-2 Downtown Id-Masonry, Illuminated
L812b.pdfL812bDix-2 Downtown Id-Masonry, Illuminated
L813a.pdfL813aIx-4 Facility Id - Post & Panel
L813b.pdfL813bIx-4 Facility Id - Post & Panel
L814a.pdfL814aIx-5 Park Id - Post & Panel
L814b.pdfL814bIx-5 Park Id - Post & Panel
L815a.pdfL815aIx-8 Trail Id - Post & Panel
L815b.pdfL815bIx-8 Trail Id - Post & Panel
L816a.pdfL816aDx-1R1 Pedestrian Map Kiosk - Masonry Base
L816b.pdfL816bDx-1R1 Pedestrian Map Kiosk - Masonry Base
L816c.pdfL816cDx-1R1 Pedestrian Map Kiosk - Masonry Base
L817a.pdfL817aDx-2R1 Pedestrian Map Kiosk - Post & Panel
L817b.pdfL817bDx-2R1 Pedestrian Map Kiosk - Post & Panel
L818a.pdfL818aNx-1 Interpretive Sign, Large - Post & Panel
L818b.pdfL818bNx-1 Interpretive Sign, Large - Post & Panel
L819a.pdfL819aNx-1A Interpretive Sign, Small - Post & Panel
L819b.pdfL819bNx-1A Interpretive Sign, Small - Post & Panel
L820a.pdfL820aNx-1B Interpretive Sign Small Angle Mount - Post & Panel
L820b.pdfL820bNx-1B Interpretive Sign Small Angle Mount - Post & Panel
L821b.pdfL821bPathways Wayfinding Signage Installation
L825.pdfL825Architectural Coping
L830.pdfL830Chain Link Fence A-1220, B-1830
L831.pdfL831Chain Link Fence Single Gate
L832.pdfL832Chain Link Fence Double Gate
L833.pdfL833Ornamental Metal Fence, Conventional Development
L834a.pdfL834aOrnamental Metal Fence Ring Opt. A, Executive Development
L834b.pdfL834bOrnamental Metal Fence Ring Opt. B, Executive Development
L834c.pdfL834cOrnamental Metal Fence Ring Opt. C, Executive Development
L834d.pdfL834dOrnamental Metal Fence Ring Opt. D, Executive Development
L835a.pdfL835aOrnamental Metal Fence Diamond Opt. A, Executive Development
L835b.pdfL835bOrnamental Metal Fence Diamond Opt. B, Executive Development
L835c.pdfL835cOrnamental Metal Fence Diamond Opt. C, Executive Development
L835d.pdfL835dOrnamental Metal Fence Diamond Opt. D, Executive Development
L836.pdfL836Wood Screen Fence
L837.pdfL837Acoustic Wood Fence
L840.pdfL840Park Vehicular Access Gates
L841.pdfL841P - Gate Opt. 1
L842.pdfL842P - Gate Opt. 2
L850.pdfL850Safety Station for Ponds and Waterways
L855.pdfL855Decorative Floating Fountain for SWM Ponds, Ponds & Lakes
L871.pdfL871Park Bench Concrete Pad, 1 Bench
L872.pdfL872Park Bench Concrete Pad, 2 Benches
L874.pdfL874Park Bench Concrete Pad, 1 Bench with Wheelchair Parking
L875.pdfL875Park Bench Concrete Pad, 2 Benches with Wheelchair Parking
L876.pdfL876Park Bench
L877.pdfL877Park Picnic Table
L880.pdfL880Trash Receptacle Pad (Concrete, Broom Finish)
collapse Category : Series 900 - Planting ‎(12)
L910.pdfL910Deciduous Tree Planting
L911.pdfL911Coniferous Tree Planting
L912.pdfL912Multi-Stem Shrub and Mass Shrub Planting
L913.pdfL913Tree Planting on Slope
L914.pdfL914Perennial Planting
L915.pdfL915Buffer Planting Module 'A' 36.0 M. ROW, Arterial Rd., Reverse Frontage
L916.pdfL916Buffer Planting Module 'B' Opt. 1 - Narrow Form Trees 36.0 M. ROW, Arterial Rd., Reverse Frontage
L916a.pdfL916aBuffer Planting Module 'B' Opt. 2 - Broad Full Form Trees 36.0 M. ROW, Arterial Rd., Reverse Frontage
L917.pdfL917Buffer Planting Module 'C' Opt. 1 36.0 M ROW, Arterial Rd., Window Rd.
L917a.pdfL917aBuffer Planting Module 'C' Opt. 2 36.0 M ROW, Arterial Rd., Window Rd.
L919.pdfL919Clearances from O/H Conductors and Cables to Tree Canopies