SPA52 - Heritage Heights.pdfSPA52 - Heritage HeightsSecondary Plan Schedules
SPA1 Snelgrove-Heartlake.pdfSPA1 Snelgrove-HeartlakeSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA2 Springdale.pdfSPA2 SpringdaleSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA2a Northwest Sandalwood Parkway.pdfSPA2a Northwest Sandalwood ParkwaySecondary Plan Schedule
SPA3 Bramalea.pdfSPA3 BramaleaSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA4 Airport Intermodal Secondary Plan.pdfSPA4 Airport Intermodal Secondary PlanSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA5 Highway 410 and Steeles.pdfSPA5 Highway 410 and SteelesSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA6 Brampton Flowertown.pdfSPA6 Brampton FlowertownSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA7 Downtown Brampton.pdfSPA7 Downtown BramptonSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA9 Bramalea Mobility Hub.pdfSPA9 Bramalea Mobility HubSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA24 Fletchers Creek South.pdfSPA24 Fletchers Creek SouthSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA29 Huttonville.pdfSPA29 HuttonvilleSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA36 Queen Street Corridor.pdfSPA36 Queen Street CorridorSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA38 Bramalea Road South Gateway Redevelopment Area.pdfSPA38 Bramalea Road South Gateway Redevelopment AreaSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA39 Goreway Drive Corridor.pdfSPA39 Goreway Drive CorridorSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA40a Bram West.pdfSPA40a Bram WestSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA40b Bram West.pdfSPA40b Bram WestSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA40c Bram West.pdfSPA40c Bram WestSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA40d Bram West.pdfSPA40d Bram WestSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA41 Bram East.pdfSPA41 Bram EastSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA42 Vales of Castlemore.pdfSPA42 Vales of CastlemoreSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA43 Fletchers Creek Village.pdfSPA43 Fletchers Creek VillageSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA44 Fletchers Meadow.pdfSPA44 Fletchers MeadowSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA45 Credit Valley.pdfSPA45 Credit ValleySecondary Plan Schedule
SPA47 Highway 427 Industrial - Partially In Effect.pdfSPA47 Highway 427 Industrial - Partially In EffectSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA48a Countryside Villages.pdfSPA48a Countryside VillagesSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA48b Countryside Villages.pdfSPA48b Countryside VillagesSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA49 Vales of Castlemore North.pdfSPA49 Vales of Castlemore NorthSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA50 Vales of Humber.pdfSPA50 Vales of HumberSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA51 Mount Pleasant.pdfSPA51 Mount PleasantSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA54 Kennedy Road South Revitalization Area.pdfSPA54 Kennedy Road South Revitalization AreaSecondary Plan Schedule
SPA55 Hurontario-Main Corridor.pdfSPA55 Hurontario-Main CorridorSecondary Plan Schedule


Secondary plans are part of the Official Plan. The Official Plan is the legal document that guides how all of Brampton grows and develops. Secondary plans guide how Official Plan policies are put in place for smaller areas of the City.

Think of the Official Plan as the road map for all of Brampton. Secondary plan areas represent detailed plans for specific areas of the City – new communities, employment areas, older neighbourhoods and downtown. These plans provide more details on things like land use, community design, natural heritage, roads and parks.