​​​​Inclusivity – By Design

The 2023 Brampton Urban Design Awards focus on new socio-economic themes alongside best practice design standards. Under the theme ‘Inclusivity – By Design’, the Awards will address themes of Active Design, Aging Population, Sustainability, Accessibility, Safety, Equity, Health and Wellbeing.

Jury Statement

Urban design undoubtedly plays a large role in enhancing the quality of life of our Canadian communities. The City of Brampton is rapidly growing at an unprecedented rate, and the need for exemplary buildings, public spaces and design strategies is integral for advancing Brampton’s Vision for the future.

As a jury panel, we are greatly impressed by the outstanding projects submitted for the 2023 Brampton Urban Design Awards. The level of creativity, innovation, and dedication to enhancing Brampton's urban landscape has been formidable. Each project, in its own unique way, has demonstrated a commitment to making Brampton a more inclusive, sustainable, health-conscious and vibrant city.

It is clear that these projects will play a pivotal role in advancing Brampton's urban ambitions, and act as catalysts for paving the way for a more inclusive, sustainable and health-conscious urban community. Brampton's future is undeniably bright, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of these projects as they continue to evolve and influence the city.

2023 Jury Panel - Ted Watson, Kiran Chhiba, Wai Ying DiGiorgio, Nicholas Brandon

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