All buildings (including dwellings and accessory buildings) in the City of Brampton are required to be structurally sound, in good working order and maintained to prevent deterioration or unsafe conditions. These standards are enforced to ensure the safety and attractiveness of the community.

All repairs must be conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation (i.e. Building Code and Electrical Safety Code). Certain repairs may require a Building Permit.

Maintaining a Home

Residents are required to maintain all components of their dwelling (i.e. exterior walls/surfaces, roof, windows, doors, chimney etc.) in a state of good repair, including being free from objectionable markings, graffiti or defacement. Maintenance should be completed in a manner that prevents deterioration and protects the structure from a variety of weather, insects, decay and rust.

All canopies, awnings, stairways, fire escapes, exhaust ducts, air conditioners, and similar overhang extensions are subject to the minimum maintenance requirements. These attachments should be maintained in good working order and properly anchored.

Residents are required to ensure that every portion of a building (including the basement and foundation) is structurally sound. The structure must be capable of sustaining its own weight and any weight to which it may be subjected.

All outdoor stairs and porches must be maintained in a state that is free from defects that may constitute a possible safety hazard.

Light Intrusion

Where outdoor lighting exists, residents and property owners should ensure that the light is of low intensity, and is directed in a manner that minimizes its intrusion onto neighbouring properties and streets.

Municipal Lot Number

Property owners are required to post and maintain a municipal lot number (house number) on their property. In general, the number should be no less than 4 inches in height, it should be a contrasting colour to its background, and should face the roadway so that it is clearly visible from the street during the day and at night.