A home occupation is a business conducted within a residential dwelling or accessory building.

The City of Brampton regulates home occupations in order to maintain the quality and safety of its residential neighbourhoods.

Prohibited Occupations

The repair and servicing of motor vehicles/engines, or massage and body rub services are considered prohibited home occupations. Additionally, the City of Brampton does not permit any occupation that creates (or may be likely to create) a nuisance through excessive noise or vibration; or emission of gas, fumes, dust, glare or objectionable odour; or any other use that may be considered obnoxious or offensive.


Only one home occupation may be operated at a residential property. The occupation may only be operated by the occupants of the dwelling, with no more than one employee that does not reside at the property. The business must be secondary to the property’s use as a residence, and its physical characteristics shall be maintained as a residence.

The only goods or merchandise that a home occupation may offer or keep on the property, are those that are produced on the premises. Additionally, any materials, goods or vehicles associated with the business are not to be stored outside.

A home office shall not be one for a healthcare practitioner (i.e. doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, psychiatrist etc.), and is limited to only one visitor at a time.

A home occupation may only occupy up to 15% of the house and parking must be accommodated in the driveway. Additional restrictions that may vary include: number of employees, number of patrons and signage.

For further information pertaining to regulations surrounding home occupations, contact Zoning Services.


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