Property owners and landlords must ensure that residential properties meet a minimum standard so that the living accommodations are in good working order, and maintained to prevent deterioration or unsafe situations.

All repairs must be conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation (i.e. Building Code and Electrical Safety Code). Certain repairs may require a Building Permit.

Maintaining a Home

Owners and landlords must maintain all components of the dwelling (i.e. floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, closets, cabinets, doors etc.) in a state of good repair and free from holes, cracks, loose coverings or other defects.

Floors must be kept free from major cracks, and shall be smooth and free of loose, warped, protruding, broken or rotted boards that may constitute a hazardous or unsanitary condition. All walls, ceilings and floors should prevent any accumulation of moisture. Every dwelling is required to be kept free from visible mould or mildew.

All stairs and means of egress are required to be maintained in a structurally sound condition, free from defects, deterioration or objects that may constitute a potential safety/fire hazard. Additionally, all portions of the dwelling must be kept free from an accumulation of rubbish and debris.

All plumbing (including drain pipes, water pipes and fixtures) are required to be maintained in good working order and free from any leaks or defects.


All properties must be kept free from infestation of rodents, vermin and insects (i.e. mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas).

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