The City of Brampton is ready to clear the way.

Road crews will:

  • Salt primary roads as needed and plow them continuously during any snowfall
  • Apply salt to residential streets. Remember, these streets are only plowed when a single storm results in 7.5 cm (3 inches) or more of snow
  • Clear sidewalks on primary roads, in front of City properties and along Brampton Transit routes
  • Do their best to maintain municipal roads and sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall, but it may take longer if weather conditions are severe

The City of Brampton needs your help to clear the way.

Expectations from homeowners and occupants:

  • Clear your sidewalks of snow and ice by 11 am the day after a snowfall
  • Clear snow from around fire hydrants on your property
  • Not shovel snow onto the roadway (pushing or shovelling snow onto the road can create a safety hazard for vehicles and can also block catch basins and create a flooding risk, this is considered fowling the highway; dumping)
  • Wait to park on the street until it has been salted or plowed (permission to park requests and those previously issued may become null and void during a snowfall event)(parking on the street during or after a snowfall blocks access for snow clearing crews and delays service)

Snow and ice on sidewalks is a safety hazard as it increases the risk of a slip and fall. Obstructed sidewalks make it difficult for the safe passage of strollers, wheelchairs, and pedestrian traffic.

As a result, the City created the Snow and Ice Removal By-law requiring property owners and occupants to remove snow, ice and slush from their sidewalks by 11am the day after the end of a snowfall. Even though sidewalks are owned by the City, it is the resident’s responsibility to take care of and maintain them.

When the City receives a complaint about uncleared sidewalks, an Enforcement Officer will investigate and may issue an Order to Comply, which requires the property owner or occupant to clear the sidewalk within 8 hours. Upon re-inspection, if the work is still not done, the City will arrange for a contractor to clear the sidewalk. The City will add the cost of the work, plus administrative fees, to the property owner’s taxes. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Contact By-law Enforcement

By-law Enforcement, Property Standards and Licensing Divisions

Flower City Community Campus
8850 McLaughlin Road South, Unit 2
Brampton, ON L6Y 5T1

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Contact By-Law Enforcement

Dial 3-1-1 (within City limits)
905.874.2000 (outside City limits)
905.874.2130 (Teletypewriter or Text Telephone)

Emails received after business hours will be responded to the next business day.