​​​​​​​​​​For Ground-Related Residential Development

Architectural ControlAs one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities, Brampton wants to make sure it has consistent, high-quality residential design and development. In August 2008, Council approved the Architectural Control Guidelines for Ground-Related Residential Development.

Architectural control guidelines provide design criteria to improve the quality of residential development and ensure consistent standards when it comes to entrances, porches, roofs, signs and lighting.

The City’s role is to review how builders have complied with the guidelines.

​The City's main principle responsibilities in this area include:

  • Maintain and update a registry of approved Control Architects
  • Monitoring for compliance of architectural control process
  • Internal coordination, coordination with field compliance and issues resolution
  • Review and approval of the Monitoring Reports
  • Annual Assessment Report Card
  • A fee of $100/unit is required as per User Fee (Municipal Act) By-law 380-2003.