​​The 2009 Develop​ment Activity Report is the first of its type for the City. The Report summarizes and analyzes residential and non-residential (commercial, industrial, institutional) development activity. Using application and building permit data, the report summarizes the location and type of development taking place in Brampton and draws comparisons to historic trends. Based on the residential numbers of units at various stages in the planning approvals process, the available supply of land to met the City's housing needs is estimated.

The Development Activity Report is intended to complement and inform other important documents from the City’s Growth Management Program. The Development Activity Report, as it relates to land supply, informs the Development Allocation Strategy – an annual Report which assigns development activity permissions for the upcoming year relative to availability of infrastructure and servicing. Both the Development Outlook Report and the City-wide population and employment forecasts rely on the historic and short term development activity in order to forecast the long term activity. The City-wide population and employment forecast to 2031 was recently updated in the spring of 2009 as part of the City's Growth Plan Conformity Exercise. The Development Outlook Report is a more detailed report that details the forecasts for specific geographies in Brampton. All four of these processes and reports complement each other and work together to document growth trends within the City of Brampton.​

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