The City of Brampton offers a number of sport and social facilities for rent, whether it is for an organized event or a pick up hockey game. Staff is available to assist you in finding the appropriate venue for your activity.

Many municipalities throughout Canada have introduced a Facility Rental User Liability Insurance Program. The City of Brampton's Liability Insurance Program is offered to rental users of City facilities (i.e. ice, fields, gyms, floors, rooms and picnic areas) who do not carry their own, or adequate insurance when renting a City facility.

It is mandatory for rental users groups and individuals to carry liability insurance when renting a City facility.

What is the Liability Insurance Program?

The Liability Insurance Program provides individuals and/or groups renting a City of Brampton facility or space with a straightforward and affordable avenue to obtain liability insurance protection to mitigate their financial exposure resulting from claims that may result from the rental agreement.

If the facility user does not already carry the required insurance, it can be purchased through this program at the time of booking.

Insurance limits are $5 million per occurrence. The insurance provides coverage for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a Third Party as well as the following coverage:

  • Tenant’s Legal Liability: provides coverage for damage to the rented or permitted premises or the area of the premises that is being rented as a result of a negligent act.
  • Participants to Participants Liability: provides for legal defence and settlements or awards for damages caused by a participant to another participant during the event or activity. Defence for the participant accused of the negligent act is excluded if they have been found guilty of a criminal act; however, it will not affect coverage for the organization or others under the policy if they were not party to the bodily injury.
  • Non-Owned Automobile Liability: provides insurance coverage for non-owned vehicles that are rented for less than 30 days in the named insured and also provides protection to the facility user’s participants and volunteers, who may use their private vehicles to conduct business on behalf of the facility users.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage (for Alcohol events only): provides coverage for claims resulting from the serving of alcohol.

Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are based on the type of activity and perceived risk categories associated with the activity.

Click here​​​​​​ for the most recently updated insurance rates.

For rates specific to your activity, sport or event, please contact your local recreation centre or call 905.874.BOOK (2665)​.

Insurance Requirements

Groups and individuals responsible for a facility rental are required to produce and maintain, throughout the duration of the Rental Agreement, proof of sufficient liability insurance coverage.

Depending on the type of activity, sport or event, clients will be required to have liability insurance coverage. The program encompasses the rental of facility space, sports fields, and rentable parkland.

The Liability Insurance Program provides the opportunity for individuals or groups renting our facilities to either:

  1. Purchase liability insurance during the booking process; or
  2. Provide proof that they already have obtained liability insurance that meets the Liability Insurance Program requirements.

Insurance limits are $5 million per occurrence.

To view the facility user group & events program summary of coverage, click here​.

How to Purchase Insurance

If the facility user does not possess adequate liability insurance coverage it can be purchased through the Liability Insurance Program at the time of the booking. The cost will be added to your Rental Agreement. For information or assistance in purchasing the required insurance based on your specific event or sporting activity, call 905-874-BOOK or contact your local recreation centre.

To download a copy of the Certificate of Insurance as evidence of coverage if you have purchased coverage from the Facility Rental User Insurance Program, click here​​​.

What if I have the Required Insurance/Insurance Certificate

If the facility user has the required liability insurance, his/her insurance broker must complete a Certificate of Insurance Coverage form​ which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below. The Certificate of Insurance Coverage form is to be completed by your insurance broker and returned at least fourteen (14) days prior to the booking.


To view a list of frequently asked questions regarding facility event & user group insurance click here​.​