​All recital programs include instruction, technical development as well as choreography, costumes and full recital production. Throughout the program, dancers work on the technical aspects of their chosen discipline(s), as well as choreography, to perform at the annual recital in May.

Dance Disciplines offered:

  • Acro - Combines classical jazz techniques with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, which focuses on gymnastic
  • a​crobatic movements and flexibility.
  • Ballet - Founded during the fifteenth century, this discipline of dance focuses on grace and beauty. Participants will learn ballet vocabulary, technique and graceful movements.
  • Bhangra - This traditional folk dance of Punjab, typically completed during the harvest season, is full of energy with its kicks, leaps and bends of the body.
  • Bollywood - This fusion of bhangra, hip hop, acrobatics and jazz produces a vibrant and energetic dance. Dancers will use movements using their whole body to tell the tale of the music.
  • Hip Hop - This dance style is categorized by bounces and rocking movements, while incorporating styles such as: popping, locking, funk, boogaloo and breakdancing.
  • Jazz - This is a rhythmic dance style that incorporates technical aspects such as jumps and turns, and is characterized by syncopation, improvisation and fluidity
  • Musical Theatre - This style of dance incorporates a mix of jazz, ballet and tap with performance and emotion to create a captivating masterpiece of musical interpretation.
  • Tiny Dancers - This class for young dancers will focus on physical literacy and basic movements of jazz, ballet and acro. Dancers will combine techniques to create an adorable performance.
  • Tap - This style of dance uses specialized shoes that, as they strike the floor, create sound and percussion. Dancers will use creative movements to enhance songs and create rhythms.​


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