The Brampton Sport Alliance (B.S.A.)
provides a voice for youth sports groups and a forum for these groups to share solutions to common problems and challenges facing volunteer-based youth sport organizations. The B.S.A. represents 18 affiliated minor sport organizations.
The primary goal of youth sports in the City of Brampton is to help youth find success in sport, which makes them feel valued and wanted. Every child can be successful in one sport or another.
Brampton has some of the most affordable and thriving sports groups in Ontario. Volunteers run youth sport organizations, which are non-profit in nature. Enroll your child in a program today! Volunteer as a coach, manager or an official, and be part of your child’s positive experience. For more information on volunteering, please contact the organization directly.

The Brampton Sport Alliance Goals & Objectives...

The Brampton Sport Alliance identifier (“the Identifier”), created by the City of Brampton in consultation with the members of the Brampton Sport Alliance, represents the 18 affiliated youth sports groups’ commitment to children participating in sport, and to each other in working together toward the betterment of youth sports in Brampton. The three arches creating a circle symbolize the 18​ affiliated youth sports groups and their assurance to adhere to the B.S.A. objectives, which are:

  • To promote the availability and benefits of youth sports
  • To be an advocate for equitable sport opportunities and facility development
  • To provide leadership and a voice for collective youth sport initiatives
  • To promote and recognize Brampton as a “Sport Tourism Destination”
  • To assist youth sports groups and individuals by linking them to, or providing them with, sport-related education and support services
  • To celebrate sport achievements and the value of volunteers
  • To promote cooperation and timely, effective communication amongst all youth sports groups
  • To promote the Brampton “get active” strategy and the many benefits of physical activity
The yellow figure represents the child and the blue figure signifies the coach and the organization. Together they symbolize each organization’s commitment to promote healthy child development, to provide organized play in quality sports programs, to provide a supervised, learning environment with trained coaches, and to provide a fun environment to learn cooperation and leadership skills while at the same time developing friendships.

Sports Administration Complex

Home to many affiliated youth sport organizations! Looking for more information, but not sure where to go? City of Brampton staff are available to answer questions on behalf of designated youth sport groups.
8930 McLaughlin Rd. S., Building E, Brampton, Ontario

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30pm

For more information please call 905.874.BOOK (2665)