1. It is recommended that your physician be consulted prior to the start of any physical activity.
  2. Facility hours of operation are subject to change.
  3. Non-residents of the City of Brampton are required to pay a surcharge of thirty (30) percent (%).
  4. Rates are subject to change, pending City Council approval, and notice will be posted at all Recreation Centres.
  5. To ensure the privacy of others, filming or photography may not be permitted during certain registered programs and/or drop-in programming. Additionally, electronic devices are not permitted to be used in a change room.
  6. The City of Brampton is committed to providing a safe and harassment-free environment. Coarse language, aggressive, disrespectful, or uncooperative behaviour is not acceptable. If inappropriate behaviour occurs, it may be documented, reported, and may result in removal from the program and/or facility.
  7. Failure to co-operate with all rules, regulations and legislation including the Ontario Human Rights Code may result in the suspension or revocation of program registration/membership and any associated booking privileges.
  8. No verbal agreement between any employee of The City of Brampton and client shall be binding.
  9. The City of Brampton reserves the right to cancel or alter any program information without notice, due to registration numbers, change of policy, or availability of instructors/facilities. Visit www.brampton.ca/withdrawal-refunds for full details on our refund, and withdrawal policy.
  10. Terms and conditions are subject to change.​


  1. Parents/Guardians (at least fourteen (14) years of age) must accompany children under ten (10) years of age to the program area for drop-off and pick-up.
  2. Children under ten (10) years of age do not need to be accompanied throughout the program (unless otherwise stated) however, it is the City’s expectation that a parent/guardian will remain in the building for the duration of the program (programs in excess of two (2) consecutive hours excluded).


  1. Annual memberships are valid for one (1) year from the start date.
  2. Punch Passes are valid through to the end date on the purchase receipt.
  3. Membership holders are required to present your membership card upon arrival at a recreation facility for validation.
  4. Memberships may not be shared or transferred with anyone; it is for the sole use of the recipient.
  5. "Teen" refers to those individuals 14-17 years of age. Teens are encouraged to participate in a consultation session prior to activating their membership.
  6. "Students" refer to any full-time student 18-54 years of age with presentation of a current student identification card.
  7. Suspension requests are subject to an administration fee and are offered in any duration up to a maximum of forty-two (42) days (six (6) weeks) provided that the requested length does not exceed the remaining length of time left on the membership.
  8. Extensions for regularly scheduled and communicated shutdowns (e.g. annual maintenance) at a facility will not be considered. Alternate locations for membership access are available.

Personal Training

  1. Clients must complete and sign a medical questionnaire before commencing personal training.
  2. Personal training packages are valid for one (1) year from the displayed start date.
  3. Clients must verify completion of each personal training session with their signature, date and time in their folder and Personal Training Logbook.
  4. Personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or cancelled twenty-four (24) hours in advance, will result in a forfeiture of the session.
  5. Clients who arrive late for a scheduled session, will only receive the remaining scheduled session time.
  6. Every effort will be made to provide clients with a personal trainer of their choice however management reserves the right to substitute another qualified personal trainer if and when necessary.​

Authorization and Indemnity​

In consideration of the City of Brampton permitting You or any dependent registrants listed to participate in its activities, You hereby:

  1. Certify and represent that You have legal authority to authorize medical care and consent for the Dependent Registrants;
  2. Authorize the City of Brampton to provide such medical care to yourself and all Dependent Registrants as the City may deem necessary in the event of injury, and You agree to pay for all expenses incurred by the City in the provision of such medical care; and
  3. Agree that You are accessing City premises during a time when there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, any variants and other communicable diseases in any public place where people are present. By accessing City premises, You agree to comply with all posted City instructions and You voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, any variants or other communicable diseases and hold the City harmless under this indemnity; and
  4. Agree to release, indemnify and save harmless the City from and against all claims, proceedings and/or actions in respect of any costs, losses, damage or injury (including sickness or loss of life) arising by reason of your or the Dependent Registrants' participation in any activities offered by the City of Brampton, or by reason of the provision of medical care by the City to You or the Dependent Registrants.

Facility Bookings​

Authorization and Indemnity:

You, the Agreement Holder:

  • Certify that You have read and understand all the conditions and regulations appearing in this agreement, and agree to conform to them and be strictly bound thereby;
  • Agree to indemnify, and keep indemnified, and save harmless, and release the City and each of its elected officials, employees, officers, servants and agents, from and against all actions, suits, claims, executions, proceedings and demands, which may be brought or made upon the City, in respect of any costs (including legal fees), expenses, loss, damage, injury (including sickness or death), financial loss, occasioned wholly or in part by any alleged and/or negligence or acts or omissions by the Agreement Holder, their officers, agents, employees, and volunteers; all participants; independent vendors providing services and/or products; and hired individuals or corporations providing products and/or services necessary to hold the activities associated with this rental agreement; or others for whom they are responsible at law, arising out of any cause whatsoever, either direct or indirect, in connection with this rental agreement;
  • Agree that You are renting City premises during a time when there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death, especially to senior citizens and individuals with underlying medical conditions. By renting City premises, You agree to comply with all posted City instructions and You voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and hold the City harmless under the indemnity above;
  • Further release the City and each of its elected officials, employees, officers, servants, and agents from all rights of subrogation by ourselves, our organization, or our insurer(s) covering the activities, services, or associated activities and services in connection with this rental agreement; and
  • Have authority to bind the Organization and/or Corporation (if applicable).


  1. Valid Rental Agreement – Rental Agreements [herein referred to as Agreement] are not valid unless signed by the Agreement Holder. Rental reservations shall not be guaranteed without a signed Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement shall be found to be or be deemed illegal or invalid, the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected thereby. The Agreement Holder must be prepared to present a valid Agreement upon request at any time during hours allotted for use of Facility/Sports Field [herein referred to as Facility].
  2. Applicability to Agreement – Agreements are only valid for the Agreement Holder to whom they are issued, and for the location, date, time, and use specified on the Agreement and may not be changed or altered, unless such alterations or additions are approved in writing by both the Agreement Holder and a designated City representative. Verbal agreements do not supersede this Agreement. Agreements are non-assignable and non-transferable. Failure to comply with this provision may lead to immediate termination of the Agreement.
  3. Adherence to Laws – The validity and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Ontario. The Agreement Holder shall abide by all City of Brampton By-laws, be in compliance with applicable City policies, and adhere to all applicable legislation and regulations of the province of Ontario as they pertain to the use of the Facility.
  4. Insurance – The Agreement Holder shall obtain Commercial General Liability insurance, at their own expense, with an inclusive limit of not less than $5 million per occurrence against all claims for personal injury, bodily injury including death, and property damage, and shall provide the City with proof of insurance coverage on a form provided by the City. This insurance will be carried for the entire rental period and will have "The Corporation of the City of Brampton" shown as an additional insured on the policy. Such policy shall be with an insurer licensed in Ontario that has a rating, which meets the requirements of the City's policy on insurance. Insurance can be provided:
    • Through the Agreement Holder’s own Insurance Policy; or
    • Purchased through the City’s Liability Insurance Program. The deductible payable by the Agreement Holder under this Program is $1,000 per occurrence but only with respect to property damage liability, tenant's legal liability and SEF94 ‐ Legal Liability for damage to hired vehicles. Please visit brampton.ca for more details and an overview of the insurance program. Any questions regarding the coverage should be directed to the Insurance Broker providing the insurance coverage. The Liability Insurance Program is the responsibility of the licensed Insurance Broker identified on our web-site, the City of Brampton is not a licensed Insurance Broker and as such cannot provide advice, recommendations, or place insurance coverage.
  5. Alcohol – The Agreement Holder shall obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario, if alcohol will be consumed and/or sold on City property and shall abide by any conditions indicated. The Agreement Holder will submit to the City proof of permit no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The Agreement Holder shall comply with the Liquor License Act (and be the Issuee of any liquor permit), Municipal Alcohol Policy, and any other applicable laws and municipal policies and/or by-laws dealing with alcohol consumption and/or sale on City property. It is the responsibility of the Agreement Holder to obtain copies of any municipal policies and/or by-laws from the City as well as the completion and submission of any associated forms to the City. The Agreement Holder is required to have available for inspection any associated Special Occasion Permit and the Agreement Holder agrees that it shall be responsible for any and all injuries, damages, and/or fines arising from failure to adhere to this provision. The Event Organizer is responsible for reviewing and complying with the City of Brampton’s Municipal Alcohol Policy and using it to obtain further information and resources that will assist in planning a safe and successful event. The Event Organizer must remain on the premises until all guests have left the property. All Event Workers, including the Event Organizer, Floor Supervisor, Door Monitors, Ticket Sellers, and Bartenders must be Smart Serve® certified and are not permitted to consume alcohol during the event. The Agreement Holder acknowledges that failure to comply with this provision or engaging in behaviour that is, in the opinion of the City representative, unacceptable with respect to alcohol consumption and/or sales may result in the immediate cancellation of this Agreement and any other recourse available to the City.
  6. Music Licencing Costs – The Agreement Holder is responsible for any music licencing costs in connection with this Agreement as collected and remitted by the City to the applicable organization.

Payments & Cancellations:

  1. Non-Refundable Deposit & Balance – A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings made fifteen (15) days or more prior to the date of the rental. Reservations are not guaranteed and cannot be finalized without a signed Agreement by the Agreement Holder along with the applicable non-refundable deposit being submitted to the City within ten (10) days of the Agreement being issued to that person. The Agreement balance is required thirty (30) days prior to the use of the Facility or less as indicated on the Agreement. Failure to comply with this payment requirement shall result in the cancellation of the use of any unpaid dates or times at the Facility.
  2. Non-Refundable Bookings – Rental bookings made within fourteen (14) days or less of the date of the rental are 100% non-refundable. The full balance for the booking must be paid and the Agreement signed at the time of booking in order to complete the request.​
  3. Debt to the City – Agreement Holders who owe funds to the City will not be considered for any future rental requests until their account has been paid in full.
  4. Cancellation by the City – The City reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without notice or reimbursement should there be a breach of any conditions or regulations related to the use of the Facility; should the City be of the opinion that the premises are not being used for the purpose specified on the Agreement; for emergency purposes; if the use poses a safety risk or may in any way conflict with the policies or reputation of the City. The Agreement Holder agrees that upon such cancellation there will be no claim or right to any damages, or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever. The City also reserves the right to cancel any booking on short notice for purposes including (but not limited to): special events; conflicting bookings; bookings made under a false pretence; mechanical problems; failing to meet legislative requirements; or weather conditions. Under such circumstance, the City will reimburse the Agreement Holder of any associated payments made previously to the City but not those that have been incurred to a third party.
  5. Cancellation by Agreement Holder – The Agreement Holder must notify the designated City representative in writing two (2) weeks in advance of any cancellation for a booking made fifteen (15) days or more prior. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the full amount paid to the City. Refunds requested in accordance with this clause will be made up to 80% of the contracted price, at the discretion of the designated City representative. Bookings made within or less than fourteen (14) days from the date of the rental are 100% non-refundable.
  6. No Future Priority – The issuance of this Agreement does not guarantee the Agreement Holder booking priority for future individual or seasonal rentals or the future use of the Facility.

Permitted Area Requirements:

  1. Inspection – The Agreement Holder understands and agrees that it is his/her responsibility to inspect the Facility and any related surrounding area thoroughly prior to use to ensure safe conditions. The Agreement Holder agrees that unsafe Facilities will not be used and that all unsafe conditions will be reported immediately to the onsite Facility staff or to the Recreation Division at 905-874-BOOK (2665) or the Corporate Call Centre (3-1-1) by the next business day.
  2. Rain Out Policy (Inclement Weather) – In the event of inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the Agreement Holder to contact the Recreation Division at 905-874-BOOK (2665) or the Corporate Call Centre (3-1-1) to determine whether the Facility is playable. The decision as to whether the Facility can be accessed is the decision of the City and made in accordance within the criteria of the City’s Outdoor Sports Field Facility Rainout Protocol. Access to a Facility is not permitted once deemed closed by the City.
  3. Property – The City is not responsible for any property or items brought into or onto the Facility. All property, belongings, and items of the Agreement Holder and anyone in connection with the Agreement Holder or this Agreement must be removed from the Facility and all related areas when the time indicated on the Agreement expires.
  4. Political Activity – The Agreement Holder shall not use the Facility for the purpose of political activity, campaigning, or the promotion of a political party.
  5. Advertising/Media – The Agreement Holder shall not advertise any event or thing in or in relation to the Facility without the prior consent of the City. The Agreement Holder agrees to contact the designated City representative if it is anticipated that media will attend at the Facility during an event during the time stipulated in this Agreement.
  6. Dressing Rooms – Shall be allotted by the applicable Facility staff and must be vacated within thirty (30) minutes after the permitted time.
  7. Police Supervision – The City reserves the right to require police supervision at any event at the expense of the Agreement Holder. The City will notify the Agreement Holder if police presence is required, prior to the use of the Facility.
  8. Food – It is the responsibility of the Agreement Holder and/or all vendors to adhere to the Region of Peel Guidelines for Food Safety. Applications and additional information can be found at http://www.peelregion.ca/health/environNew/food/events.htm.
  9. Amusement Devices and Inflatables – The Agreement Holder is solely responsible for the use and operation of an amusement device or inflatable on City property and must provide proof of required insurance as per Section 4. The Agreement Holder further agrees to ensure that the amusement device satisfies all provincial legislation and/or City requirements governing its use, specifically Technical Standards and Safety Authority's (the “TSSA”) regulations. The Agreement Holder is responsible for ensuring that all requested proof of compliance is provided to the designated City representative.
  10. COVID-19 or Communicable Disease Regulations – Permit holders and participants are expected to follow and satisfy all current COVID-19, its variants and/or communicable disease-related legislation and associated policies with respect to, but not limited to, gathering limits, social distancing, mask wearing, dressing room/locker room policy, activities permitted, traffic flow, and other requirements as prescribed. Requirements are subject to change at any time.


  1. Clean-Up – The Agreement Holder is responsible for leaving the Facility in the same condition as it was when they entered onto it, including the proper disposal of all litter. The Agreement Holder acknowledges that the Facilities are intended for the use and enjoyment of the public and it is the Agreement Holder’s responsibility to help ensure it is a clean, safe environment for all. Failure to comply with this clause to the satisfaction of the Department may result in additional charges for maintenance and/or the refusal of future bookings. The Agreement Holder shall pay for all damages to the Facility or any City property arising from the use of the Facility where the Agreement Holder or those in attendance in connection with this Agreement is deemed responsible for such damage by the Commissioner or designated Department representative.
  2. Agreement Holders & Guests – The Agreement Holder shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the Facility and related area, including parking areas, in connection with this Agreement and shall see that all obligations contained in this Agreement are strictly observed. Vandalism; littering; any activity intended to criticize, undermine, disrespect, or disparage the City and/or its elected officials and staff; use of abusive language; or any other activity restricted by the Agreement on or near the Facility shall be just cause to cancel this Agreement and/or deny further Agreements.
  3. Amplified Sound – The use of amplified sound is prohibited unless authorized by a City representative.
  4. Parking – The Agreement Holder and all invitees or others in connection with this Agreement must use the parking areas where they are provided; the Agreement Holder is responsible for such compliance. Vehicles must not, in any circumstances, be driven onto walkways, grassed, or unauthorized areas. Any alternative parking arrangement must be confirmed through the issuing of a parking permit through the Department.
  5. Vacating Premises – The Agreement Holder is responsible to ensure that all participants leave the Facility and related areas, including parking areas, in a prompt and orderly manner at the time specified on the Agreement. Additional charges may be applied if the Agreement Holder or anyone in connection with the Agreement Holder or this Agreement uses the Facility or any related area after the time indicated on the Agreement.
  6. No Admission Fee – No admission fee shall be charged by the Agreement Holder, or any invitee of the Agreement Holder, unless authorized by the designated City representative.​​